Top Ten: They Did THAT?? The Worst Movie Sequels

As said before, most sequels are bad at best. Here are the one’s I think failed the most.

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~ by chrislejarzar on April 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Top Ten: They Did THAT?? The Worst Movie Sequels”

  1. You missed what I thought was an obvious choice in Lost Boys 2. And there’s a cult following for Grease 2, just so you know.

    • Lost Boys 2 was direct to DVD so it didn’t fit the guidelines. 🙂

      Grease 2 may have a cult following, it doesn’t make it any less awful in my opinion. lol

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Very hard to make a good movie sequel. Any number of things can make it turn out bad. If I ever make a really good movie you can bet it’ll just be a oncequel.

    • Good call, sir. However, I do think if you sit back and think about the story you told (or even better had an idea before the first one was even made), you can do it. As long as it just isn’t a cash grab attempt.

      I must admit, I quite like the plot outlines I have for a Fantastic Four trilogy, four Spider-Man movies, among others. Long car trips allowed my mind to wander to such trivial things. 🙂

      • Hey I bet if you shop them around for a while, you just might go somewhere with them. Or at least a “Hey they stole my idea!” moment.

      • Pay me for my idea, do what you like with it. Yeah, I can run with that lol

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