Great Moments in Film – No Country For Old Men (2007)

After a long duration, I’m back. You’ll have to excuse my absence. As many of you know, I was in the process of moving to Henderson, NV (suburb of Las Vegas). The went well and we’re just about out of the “living out of boxes” phase.

Anyway, new day means new clip. There might be a misconception that I dislike the Coen Brothers. This isn’t the case. I do dislike their rabid fans (well rabid fans of anyone really), but that’s already been discussed on here. Today, we take a look at NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, a multiple Oscar winner (including awards for Best Picture and Best Director).

While I prefer JUNO, there’s no mistaking the brilliance of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. I would argue, however, that the movie wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it wasn’t for Javier Bardem’s outstanding portrayal of the chilling hired gun Anton Chigurh (one that earned him an Oscar as well). Here is my favorite scene from the movie. It’s already been established that Chigurh is a ruthless killer, often leaving the people he encounters life or death up to a simple coin flip. The scene is full of tension as we don’t know if the poor old man will make it or not. I absolutely love the last line that Chigurh says, as well.

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~ by chrislejarzar on October 4, 2010.

One Response to “Great Moments in Film – No Country For Old Men (2007)”

  1. Great scene, great acting, great tension, overall great movie!

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