Great Moments In Film – Star Wars (1977)

It was only the matter of time. Today we take a look at a movie that changed everything: George Lucas’ space western Star Wars. Based on Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress and drawing heavily from Joseph Campbell’s writing on mythology, Star Wars is a fun ride that never gets old, not to mention that this movie single-handedly saved 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy. Not bad for a movie that was supposed to be a gigantic flop.

The following video contains the opening scene, complete with the opening crawl all the way to the first appearance of the legendary Darth Vader. This is arguably one of the best opening shots in movie history with the ships flying over head. We get to see the immense size of everything in this story and it takes hold of us right away.

When viewing this, pay attention to the theme music (composed by John Williams) during the opening crawl. Notice how important it is? It transports you to Lucas’ universe. Once it starts, you know you’re going to a fantastic place for the next two hours plus. And to think the studio balked at the old school orchestral treatment and wanted a disco soundtrack. No, really. Try to imagine that for a second.

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