Great Moments In Film – Ran (1985)

It’s Akira Kurosawa time, ladies and gents. Ran (or “Chaos”) is a distinguished achievement in a career that is full of them. Based on William Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” Ran tells of Lord Hidetora and his three sons. When it comes time to choose and heir, he decides to split his new kingdom (one he warred for years to achieve) into three parts. This goes over as well as you’d expect. The rest is a tale of corruption as the sons battle each other as Hidetora slowly descends into madness.

This clip comes toward the end of the movie as the sons fight each other, it is revealed that it is the wife of two of the sons (she marries one after the other), has been the puppet master the entire time. This is where action is taken against her. Ran is absolutely beautiful and the colors jump out at you, even when there’s blood. And it’s a bucket full here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



~ by chrislejarzar on November 24, 2010.

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