Great Moments In Film – John Lennon’s Imagine (1971)

Another break from our usually schedule programming. As I’m sure everyone is well aware, on this day 30 years ago, John Lennon was shot and killed outside of his apartment complex. I won’t go into a huge biography because, frankly, you all know his story. It would simply be redundant.

That said, I thought I would join with everyone to take pause on this day to remember this man, who was much more than just a musician. This was a man who was a leader and voice of a generation who had so much more to say as he entered a new phase of life: middle age. It’s a shame that he was taken far too soon from the world.

Naturally, I picked “Imagine” to pay tribute. The world he describes in the song is an utopia. I would argue that we as a species will never reach it due from our own greed and self destructiveness. However, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t TRY. And I realize there will be those out there that have and will take issue with certain things Lennon suggests here (you know who you are). Here’s some food for thought: the Heaven on Earth you wish would arrive sooner rather than later isn’t all that much different from what is talked about here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And as an added bonus, here’s my favorite Beatles song (one written by John, of course). Along with “Imagine,” this is one of the very best songs ever written. Here is “In My Life,” complete with a slideshow tribute to Lennon. Go to youtube and leave this person comments. It’s very well done.


~ by chrislejarzar on December 8, 2010.

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