Great Moments In Film – The Wizard of Oz (1939)

It has been argued (successfully, in my opinion) that 1939 is the best year Hollywood ever had. This is the third movie from that year that has been featured in Great Moments and there’s plenty more to come. The Wizard of Oz is a film I lost track of somewhere along the way. I used to watch it all the time when I was very young and it took 20 or so years to rediscover it. I’m very glad I did. While it does come off as quite cheesy at points, there’s a certain magic, excuse the pun, that it contains that makes The Wizard of Oz truly timeless.

The following is not only the best scene in the entire movie, in my opinion, but also it’s most famous. It’s one that made Judy Garland a superstar. The song is absolutely beautiful, but often lost is the performance of Garland. Watch for the small things. Her Dorothy is a young lady stuck between two worlds. She’s no longer a child, but she’s not a woman yet, either. I think a lot of us has had a “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” moment in our teen years where we long to be some place that simply understands who we are.

Little bit of trivia: this scene almost got lost on the cutting room floor. It was felt that it broke up the momentum of the movie (meaning, it takes longer to get to the Land of Oz). Thankfully, it was kept in so we get to enjoy it until films are no longer watched.

Hope you all enjoy and please excuse the subtitles. This was surprisingly hard to find.

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~ by chrislejarzar on January 11, 2011.

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