Great Moments In Film – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Two all-time great actresses and they hated one another. Naturally starting over a man, their “feud” (a term Davis disliked) lasted for decades. It was in this conflict which Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? was born and one could just feel the animosity oozing off the screen.

In it, Davis plays Jane Hudson a former child star (known as Baby Jane) who got anything she wanted. Unfortunately for Jane, her younger sister Blanche (Crawford) soon eclipses her, being that she actually has talent) and becomes a mega-star. All of that changes after a car accident leaves Blanche paralyzed and under the care of her jealous sister. As time goes on, Jane becomes more and more unhinged (even serving a rat to Blanche for “din-din” earlier in the movie).

In this scene, Jane is running errands while Blanche tries to make her way to a phone to call for help. The tension builds greatly as the younger sister slowly makes her way down the stairs and our hearts drop as Jane walks in on the phone call. The resulting beating, during which it’s alleged that Davis actually laid some real kicks in, is just brutal. Even worse? The follow-up phone call afterward.

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