Great Moments In Film – Marty (1955)

1955’s Marty won four Oscars, including: Best Picture, Best Director (for Delbert Mann), and Best Actor in a Leading Role (for Ernest Borgnine). While I found it somewhat underwhelming due to certain people (you know who you are) hyping it a bit too much, it’s still a very fine film with a good story to tell. Marty is an unassuming middle aged butcher: not terribly good looking and overweight. He’s lonely and single with no prospects of any of that changing. Marty is just an average guy looking for love. One night, he randomly meets Clara (Betsy Blair in a Oscar nominated role). She’s a simple young woman: a teacher who the guys consider a “dog” (though I don’t see that at all). Marty and Clara spend a night on the town together and have a great time.

That’s when family and peer pressure come in. Marty’s friends don’t think she’s good looking and Marty’s mother wonders why he can’t find a nice Italian girl (something Clara is not). Marty initially gives in to this pressure coming at him, but is miserable doing so. This is the final scene of the movie: Marty stands up for what he wants (possibly for the first time in his life) and, more importantly, he stops caring about what others think. The scene says it all and it’s a great one.

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~ by chrislejarzar on March 10, 2011.

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