Quick Reviews: 2010 Duo

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Today I take a quick look at The Other Guys and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. I thought one was very good and the other pretty bad. Guess which movie fits which description.

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Review: Not Very Electric

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Bad Movie Friday is back with the 1982 Scott Baio vehicle Zapped! Just how bad is it?

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Great Moments In Film – Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

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An almost countless number of movies have been made about what would happen when we encounter sentient being from another world. Some are more positive, others not so much. This one is the epitome of the positive one and it brought to us by none other than Steven Spielberg. I’ll let the long clip speak for itself.

When contact is made.

A Quick (Forty) One

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As I return from a month long break, I’ve decided to write short reviews of the movies I saw since my last article. There were many.

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Great Moments In Film – Goldfinger (1964)

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Bond. James Bond. Today we take a look at the iconic secret agent as portrayed by Sean Connery. It would be (correctly, in my opinion) argued that Connery take on the character has been the best and it’s really not even close. That said, the following clip is all about the villain in this particular 007 adventure: the titular Goldfinger (Gert Forbe). The clip speaks for itself as Goldfinger, not to be confused with the Mike Meyers spoof “Goldmember,” delivers one of the best villain lines ever…and what a bind he has our hero trapped in!

Hope you all enjoy.

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The ABCs

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Join me as I add my own personal list of “Movies By the Letter” posts that have been so prevalent the past week or so. Yes, I was bored.

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Quick Review: The Avengers (1998)

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The Avengers (1998)

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Sean Connery

Directed By: Jeremiah S. Checkik

Written By: Don MacPherson

I was going to do a full write up of this movie on Friday, but with recent current events, it felt a little inappropriate. However, I didn’t watch this thing to not given an opinion on it, so here’s a quick one.

There are movies that you hear that are bad and when you finally watch them, they aren’t all that bad. Then there’s The Avengers. Everything you heard about this particular film is true: it’s a complete mess. I do admit that I have never seen the television show that this is based on, but from what I gather, it was a very witty show. The movie version is not. They do try, but the dialogue never approaches anything that resembles intelligent. Rather, there seems to be a groan worthy line a minute. It’s THAT bad.

There is a very talented cast involved, I will say, but nothing clicks at all. Everything is forced, especially the love story between Fiennes and Thurman. We’re talking Attack of the Clones bad. At least with that movie, we had quite a few lightsabre battles to watch, Instead with The Avengers, we have scientist dressed up as giant teddy bears (why? I don’t really know) and robotic bees for the, “Oh, we need to have a chase right about now” scene. Yeah. Definitely avoid this if at all possible. It’s not “it’s so bad that it’s entertaining,” it’s just dreadful. One good thing? Well, Uma Thurman does look good in all of the numerous outfits they put her in, but that shouldn’t be surprising at all.